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Whether you need physical healing or emotional support, I offer single treatments or a combination to suit your needs in a way appropriate to restore you to your best version of you.

I am a fully qualified Smart Bowen Therapist, Emotional Therapeutic Counsellor and CBT practitioner operating from Coleford, Gloucestershire and Usk, Monmouthshire; and I look forward to exploring the possibilities of these amazing therapies with you.

I also offer Reiki and Indian Head massage.

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Despite having been around for over 60 years, Bowen therapy is still relatively unknown.   Because it helps the body to heal itself rather than healing it, its possibilities are very wide-ranging.

learn about Emotional Therapeutic Counselling

Confidential Emotional Therapeutic Counselling Gloucestershire Forest of Dean

Emotional Therapeutic Counselling (ETC) is a client-led counselling modality which seeks to identify the root cause behind issues such as anxiety, depression or lack of confidence.   As such it can be long term but well worth the effort.

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I am a fully qualified, insured, registered and DBS checked Bowen therapist and Emotional Therapeutic Counsellor operating from a clinic in Coleford.   I also offer treatments in Usk, and a mobile service for those who can't get to a clinic.

Reiki, Animal Reiki and Indian Head massage are also available.  Please contact the clinic for details.

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book an appointment

A single Bowen treatment costs only £40 and takes between 45 minutes and an hour.  Special rates are available for clients signing up to one of our Stay Healthy programmes.

Counselling sessions last around 80 minutes and cost £55.   New clients are invited to a free 40 minute consultation to explore whether this modality is right for you.

You can book by phone, email or text, or from our Facebook page.

What is Smart Bowen Therapy?


Smart Bowen Therapy is a hands-on physical therapy developed in Australia during the mid 20th century by Thomas Ambrose Bowen.  It has since been developed and become accessible worldwide.

Using their thumbs and fingers and working through clothing, the therapist applies accurately placed moves over specific areas of the body in a series of rolling movements that work across muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia. Without force or manipulation these moves 'ask' the body to recognise and make the necessary changes to initiate natural healing processes.   

Between each series of moves the client is left to rest for a few minutes, to allow the body to absorb the information it has received and make the changes it needs.

Many people find Bowen Therapy brings relief when other interventions, both traditional and complimentary, have failed.  Relief can be instantaneous and only one or two treatments can be sufficient to bring about a permanent recovery.  Other conditions may take longer or need a regular maintenance programme to keep the client pain free.

Bowen can help even where you are not aware of any pain or restriction in movement.   Sportspeople report that their performance is enhanced and they are more resistant to injury when they have regular Bowen treatments.

The positive effects of Bowen Therapy are complemented by Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation or PNF Stretching, which helps to 'set' the work.