About Magic Hands : Calm Minds

Hi, I’m Caeredwen and I hold a Diploma in Smart Bowen Therapy, a Diploma in Emotional Therapeutic Counselling, and VCTC in Anatomy and Physiology.   I also offer Indian Head massage and Reiki-Okuden level 2 for humans and animals.  I am currently studying as an Equine Bowen therapist.   I am registered with both the Bowen Therapy Professional Association and the Foundation for Emotional Therapeutic Counslling, and hold an enhanced DBS check.

I passionately believe in holistic wellbeing and that the emotional and physical are intrinsically linked.   This relationship is often ignored by traditional medicine, which tends to focus on the area where it hurts - which may not even be where the problem is!

Having seen and experienced the amazing results that Bowen therapy can bring both humans and animals, I am excited to share that with others.    I have also seen how often the physical and emotional can impact each other; people with physical illnesses and pain have anxieties related to that, and deep-rooted emotional issues can manifest as physical pain and long term conditions such as fibromyalgia and ME.   Clients often want to talk to me about their problems, and as a qualified counsellor I can do more than just lend a sympathetic ear or join in the moaning!

If your issues are more emotional than physical, I can help you by applying both counselling and coaching techniques as well as using Bowen therapy and Reiki (if you choose) to help you open up emotionally and to relax and recharge after a counselling session.    I provide a safe space to talk about anything, no matter how shocking or embarrassing you may feel it to be; I do not judge and I provide an entirely confidential service.   

I have clinics in Coleford in the Forest of Dean, Monmouth Natural Health Centre, and Usk.   For mobility impaired clients I offer a home visit service.   I also offer a contract service to businesses wishing to improve employee engagement and reduce sickness absence by providing regular Bowen therapy sessions in the workplace to staff.   There are a variety of packages available to suit every budget so please get in touch if you would like more information.

And if you're wondering 'why Magic Hands?' it's simple.   When I first started my clinic, my clients would contact me saying 'I need your magic hands to fix my xxx'.   So Magic Hands became the obvious choice.   Then they started talking about how calming they found the treatment and so Magic Hands : Calm Minds was born.

I believe in the value of self-care and encourage everyone to take a short period out of their busy lives to connect with and care for their physical,, emotional and spiritual selves.   It’s impossible to truly care for others in the long term if you neglect yourself.   A regular Bowen therapy treatment costs only about half as much as a daily cup of coffee so why not make this the year you commit to your wellbeing?