About physical and emotional therapy


The Magic Hands : Calm Mind Combined Package

Some of my clients have physical problems leading to serious, long term pain.   That's bad.

Some of my clients have emotional problems leading to serious, long term difficulty functioning day-to-day.   That's bad too.

Some of my clients have physical problems that are the manifestation of emotional issues; and some have physical problems that are giving them emotional issues.   That's dreadful.

There aren't many physical therapy clinics where you can get physical and emotional problems addressed at the same time, or who will even consider whether you have both.   If you go to your GP complaining of shoulder pain it's unlikely they'll ask you about depression, anxiety or work related stress; they might, but it's not going to be the top of their list.   More likely they'll send you for physiotherapy or an MRI, which will only help if there's something physically wrong with your shoulder - and not always even then.   That's why I've developed the MHCM package.

We all know that if you're upset, that can affect you with things like stomach ache, headache or diarrhoea.   You may realise you have tight shoulders after a stressful day at work.   But did you know that conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia and ME can also be caused by emotional dis-ease?    Or that worry and anxiety can come out in back, neck, shoulder or even knee pain?   That anxiety affects your breathing, and inefficient breathing can impair your entire body?

How do you know if your pain is a manifestation of an emotional issue?   Well you might not.   That's where I come in.

Many of my clients come to me because of physical pain, and often they've been suffering for years.    They may have had MRI scans, physiotherapy, even surgery, without any real improvement.   Some of these people find Bowen therapy provides them with immediate relief.   But if you aren't getting results from Bowen alone, and you have a stressful job or you worry about your kids a lot, or your physical issues are really getting you down, or you've a history of depression, or you have low self-esteem, then perhaps some counselling would help as well.

I provide a three-stage process for all my clients.    The first is assessment.   Whether you come for Bowen therapy, counselling or a combination of both, the first session will be a full assessment of your issues, your lifestyle and your suitability for the therapy of your choice.   Because I'm a counsellor and a physical therapist I can ask the right questions to identify the full breadth of your issues and what is likely to help you.   If I feel that you could benefit from one of the other therapies, I'll tell you.   But it's entirely up to you whether you take them up or not.    If I feel I can't help you, I'll say so and try to signpost you to someone who can.   

The second stage is treatment.   That might start with one Bowen session, one counselling session or a bit of both.   It may then lead into further sessions until you feel your issue is resolved, possibly just a few Bowen treatments or a long term counselling relationship; or a combination of both.   You could have a session that starts with counselling and ends with a relaxing Bowen treatment.   Or you could start with Bowen to settle you and prepare you to release some emotion in the counselling aspect.   Or you could alternate between physical and emotional treatments as you need them.

Once you feel better, we move into the support phase.   For Bowen clients that could mean a Stay Healthy package (check out the Services and Prices page for more on that).   If your issues are related to an aspect of your lifestyle, say your job or looking after your children, that can be enough to keep you pain free and fully mobile.   For counselling clients it could be an occasional 'top up' to make sure you haven't slipped back into old styles of thinking or being.   For package clients, it could mean using a Stay Healthy treatment to offload some stress while I'm applying Bowen.   The possibilities are as varied and unique as you are yourself.

If that sounds like something that could help you, then please get in touch to discuss the mix of therapies that could work for you.