client testimonials

   Caeredwen took all my concerns/pains on board (shoulders, neck,hip and back), I came out a smiling happy person.  I will definitely be booking in again. Thank you

  I have never had a Smart Bowen treatment before but I was astounded by how good I felt afterwards - lots of background niggles seem to have disappeared, the main pain I went for was gone and I had the best nights sleep afterwards.   

   I know that not everyone has such a profoundly positive result as I did, but many people will certainly benefit from such a gentle non-intrusive treatment.    Caeredwen really knows her stuff and is very thorough - highly recommended. 

 Caeredwen has been an amazing help to me so far, and I've only been for two sessions. My very knotty back and shoulders have been massively relieved and the tension has subsided. I'm slowly finding my natural posture is improving and I feel that I'm even standing taller.  Magic Hands really does live up to her name!   

   It was fascinating to learn about this therapy and to experience how it can help free up my muscles. Highly recommended!   

  My (16 yo) daughter says after a session she feels better, feels more able to cope with everything and her mind and body seem to be aligned in the places they should be.  I can see a huge difference in her demeanour, she seems happier and much less drawn through pain.   As a mum I could not be happier.

Caeredwen challenged my statements and made me think.  She gave me the space to feel and be vulnerable.

I felt completely listened to.  Caeredwen was so warm and caring. 

Caeredwen allowed me ample time to talk; she didn't interject and I really felt she was listening to my story.