Find your Inner Cheerleader!

When you want to do something new, is your brain up for it or does it fill you with anxiety and doubt?   'You can't do that.'  'You'll make a mess of it as usual.'  'You're rubbish.'  'What if it goes wrong?'

We all have little voices in our heads.   What they say is more important than what anyone else says to you, because they're there ALL THE TIME.  When you're awake at 2am, when you're stuck in traffic, when you're about to speak up at a meeting.

If they're on your side, that's great.   But what if they're not?  There you are about to share your brilliant idea with your boss and colleagues, and that little voice pipes up.  Suddenly you're not so sure.   Your mouth goes dry, your heart thumps and you think that maybe it's not such a brilliant idea after all.

It's not enough just to turn those negative voices around and tell yourself that it's fine, that you're not rubbish, that people do want to hear your idea.   What's happening is that a hardwired defence mechanism to prevent you putting yourself in danger is kicking in.   Unfortunately your emotional brain doesn't realise that speaking up in a meeting is not a life-threatening situation, and behaves as if it is.  

My Find your Inner Cheerleader package works with you to identify the negative voices that stop you in your tracks, and replace them with upbeat, supportive statements that you can use every day to get out there and fulfil your potential.   Whatever is holding you back, we can overcome it together.

For only £95 you can have two hours of my undivided attention using a combination of cognitive behavioural therapy and coaching to cast, script and stage manage your inner cheerleader and get them shouting for YOU!  Drown out those demons today!

Find your Inner Cheerleader